Disciplinary committee

Chairperson : Principal

Coordinator : Vice Principal

Member : SNA Advisor

Rules and regulations:

  • The student should maintaining their professional dignity in the college as well as in the clinical (Hospital) and community.
  • The uniform should be neat and tidy.
  • The students have to obtain minimum 90% of attendance to attain the university examinations / board examinations. The average marks of all the class test will be taken for university / Board internal assessment.
  • No leave will be permitted without evidence (Attending marriages, Interview, Festivals, etc.,).
  • Sickness to be reported immediately to the class Teacher / Warden / HOD.
  • No visitors will be entertained during the class hours.
  • Any problem / dispute among the roommates to be reported immediately to the Warden / Class HOD.
  • Communication with the teacher and classmates must be only in English.
  • Student should assemble in the class room by 9.30 a.m.